Sunny Tied Quilt

Sunny Tied Quilt- Purl Bee

I knew when I saw the pattern for the Sunny Tied Quilt on Purl Soho's blog, that it would be perfect for the Pittsburgh wedding couple. To describe the bride, Nicole, would be if you put sunshine, Gerber daisies, Hello Kitty, some country/hippie/vintage and some Namaste in a huge mixing bowl.

The top of the quilt took no time at all, but tying the quilt and folding the binding took forever. I had to do the tying and sandwiching of the quilt at my parents house since I had no room in my house to lay the quilt out.

Here's the finished project with some embroidered pillowcases too. It was the first quilt I finished, so hopefully it doesn't fall apart!

quilt detail

quilt 2 pillow cases


  1. Very nice. Looks like gummy worms all in alignment.

  2. Wow - I can't believe you made though. How did you become so darn crafty? Oh, yea...no kids...yet..:)