Today was the first day of my very exciting staycation. I got some serious gardening done before I practically died from the heat and got sucked into a Mad Men marathon. Not too bad!

I have some big plans this week to get some projects done:
  • Paint front door (I'm painting it black!!)
  • Paint salvaged record cabinet
  • Sew cushions for parents' Adirondack chairs
  • Sew cushion for the dude's knock-off pottery barn bench
  • Organize office and go through crap
  • Dig up and move a bunch of plants

Eek! Hope I can get it all done.


  1. Re: Black front doors

    Excellent choice! The adorable little house I used to rent in Wilmington had a deep, glossy black front door and it really gave the house a lot of panache.

  2. I can't wait to paint the front door glossy black!!