non Design and not a Star?

I finally got around to watching the most recent HGTV's Design Star episode (designing for a military family). I have mixed feelings about the show. All of the corporate sponsorship and mediocre design drives me crazy but in the end I love reality shows.

But....a chevron wall took me by surprise! Now I'm looking around the house trying to figure out where we can paint chevron.

design star episode 5

via HGTV


  1. Hey Lisa,

    Thanks so much! I'm glad you loved the wall. I was originally planning to do it in thin wood veneer but we weren't able to find it with the time and shopping constraints. It would look beautiful in wood don't you think?! I was very happy with the painted version though. Good luck with it your project!

    best, Lonni

  2. Lonni,
    Thanks for your comment! Wood veneer would be dreamy!! Maybe I'll have to do a wood version. Now my wheels are turning. I'll keep you posted. Lisa

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