White, wood and warmth

I can't get these images out of my head! I'm ready to forget my current house and start designing my dream country/cabin house in the woods.

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Canvas Mason Bags

I think I might be spending too much time at the hardware store. I'm digging the mason bag and its inspirations.

Custom Leathercraft 20x12in Canvas Mason Bag

Custom Leathercraft 20x12in Canvas Mason Bag, $48.02
Patent Leatherette Canvas Tote
Forever 21
Patent Leatherette Canvas Tote, $24.80

16" Canvas Mason Bag with Leather Bottom

16" Canvas Mason Bag with Leather Bottom, $79

Sunday Catchall Monogrammed Bag

Sunday Catchall Monogrammed Bag, $150


Raised Veggie Bed

Over the weekend we had the most gorgeous weather. The nice weather means we can start cutting wood outside again and check-off more projects on our to-do list.

We have a little strip of flower bed that I use to plant vegetables. Our neighbor loved the idea so much that he added a vegetable bed on the other side of the fence next to ours. But...our neighbor didn't really take care of his side last season and I spent all of my time weeding my veggie bed from his invasive weeds.

So, I needed a raised bed to control weeds and try to get the soil as organic as possible.

Here's the "before" vegetable bed. The dude ripped out the old wood border.

We are also dog sitting, Dasher, right now. He provided valuable advice on this project.

The dude built two boxes to stack on top of each other out of cedar. He mentioned that he felt like he was building his own coffin. Umm.

Dasher was so "over it" by the second level of the box.

Garden fabric was added as well as some supports on the inside.

A few planks were cut in half to create the top cap.

We then sifted a lot of dirt from our compost and added a few bags of organic soil. The dude filled the screw holes with wood filler, added a center brace, and later sanded it all down.

The next day, I started to take care of the yucky rusting fence with a can of leaky spray paint in a satin black finish. I still need to finish it up.

Eventually, we are planning on building another box that runs perpendicular to the current box. But, first I need to move the small rosemary bush and some other plants around. I can't wait to start planting!



A few weeks ago, I picked up a cute vase that was on sale at Anthropologie with the thought of making it a terrarium.

I finally had a chance last weekend to get over to Terrain with the dude and meet up with some friends for a yummy lunch at their cafe and pick up my terrarium supplies.

added pebbles and charcoal

added some potting soil

organized the plants
shoved the plants, lovingly, with a chop stick into the soil

Ta da!
I just need to get some little accessories to add to it... little deer, little mushrooms and maybe a little garden gnome that will tend to the plants.


Off the needles: Sideways Grande Hat

Way back in January, I posted a picture of the Sideways Grande hat I was working on. I finished it way back in February, but forgot to show you the finished product!

Now that the temps are in the 60s...time to pack the hat away.

Sideways hat
Pattern: Interweave Knits Mag (Special 2010 Winter addition)
Yarn: Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande


New looks from L.L. Bean and Land's End

I'm loving the new collections from L.L. Bean (named L.L. Bean Signature) and Land's End (named Land's End Canvas 1963).

What do you think?

Looks from L.L. Bean Signature:

Looks from Land's End Canvas 1963:

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Dear John (Derian)

I (the dude) hung a new plate on our "plate wall" in the dining room.

The new addition? A John Derian plate (Sky Bird #5, Paon de Mer, Standing) was a birthday gift from a lovely friend. Lucky me!!

(details about the other plates can be here)