Shoe MVP

When I found out that we were going to the theme parks in Orlando in August, I freaked out about WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR..AAHHHH!

I'm a disaster when it comes to casual comfort clothes. I'm either in a dress and the tallest shoes ever made or sweat pants and Crocs - no in between.

So I caved and purchased my first pair of Birks for the comfort and LOOK THEY ARE SHINY! It was the best decision ever (Thanks E for recommending). They also stayed on during crazy upside down roller coasters.

Black Patent Birko-Flor Gizeh

I'm officially a hippie now, right?

*sorry for the caps lock. Birkenstock did not sponsor this post. I'm just passionate about shoes.


A little vacation

I'm back from a family vacation to here...


...nope, not to Italy but to fantasy land.




street 1

Gotta love Florida in August during an unseasonably hot summer.


Massimo Vitali

Tomorrow One Kings Lane will be having some pieces by Massimo Vitali for sale.

Does anyone want to support my need/want for art work?!

Massimo Vitali - Papeete Beach
image via artnet.com

If you'd like an invitation to join One Kings Lane, email me at wearecrafty at gmail dot com and you'll get a $10 credit!


Possible Coffee Tables: Part 2

2 Triad Coffee Table
Triad Coffee Table

Ikea PS Bruse

Sydney Coffee Table
Sydney Coffee Table

I'd also love to make my own table. Recently there has been a lot of great ideas floating around with using palets as the main building material. Right now, I really need to put all of my muscle and brain power into building the shoe storage (and so much more important!) which I'm hoping to start in the next few weeks.

Are there projects that you know that you could make but instead just purchase the finished product?


Next decision stop: Coffee Table

via Ikea*

We currently have the above coffee table from Ikea in our living room. It came with the Dude when we moved in together and I've disliked it since our meeting. Now I have a great reason to finally get a new coffee table ... the dog's toys get stuck under the table and he will dig at the carpet until one of us retrieves it. Also, the dog slams his head on the edge of the table.

Thank you dog- we have to get a new coffee table and rug because of you.

In this post, you get a glimpse of the living room and coffee table.

So, here's my coffee table wish list:
  • No or very little hang-over on the table top for dog safety
  • "Light and airy" (the current table is too "heavy" for the space)
  • Could have a bottom shelf but not too low
  • A durable top because "someone" forgets to use coasters and we put our feet up on the table
  • In the $200-ish range would be awesome
  • Could be glass or wood
  • Could be rustic with modern lines

Anything else I should add to the wish list or do you have a coffee table suggestion that meets the criteria?

I'm hoping to make a decision soon and have the new table and rug set up in two weeks (I said it here, so I have to make it happen!).

*Looks like they recently discontinued the coffee table. Also, we found some lucky friends that are moving to the area that love the table and will give it a new home.



Pilot and Daisy

Pilot and Daisy - August 6, 2010

I took a bit of a blogging break because we've been busy with preparing for houseguests, dog sitting, doggie play dates, and stuff...bleh.

Hope to get back into the swing of things! I still need to pick a new rug and a new coffee table (more on that later).

Oh, and why is this summer so stupidly hot?


I hate drywall dust

Yeah, I know...waahh!

We lived with a hole in the downstairs bathroom ceiling for over a year until we could replace the roof (need to find photo documentation). It was a classy hole too. We put some pots and pans in the rafters to collect the water from the roof leak and put up some plastic sheeting. After we got the new roof, we lived with a light purple piece of drywall on the ceiling (a left over piece that was cut out of the upstairs bedroom wall to make the built-ins).

We've been putting off finishing off the ceiling because of the stupid drywall spackle dust.

Yesterday, we tackled the project through a grin-and-bear it method. We acknowledged it was going to be a disaster to clean up, that white ghost foot prints would be tracked through the house and the dog might look like he had bad dandruff.

Primer is up... now time to find that can of bathroom paint.

Sorry for the bad iPhone pictures. Sometimes it's just too hard to find the real camera!


Bathroom Ceiling Before 4


Bathroom Ceiling After 3

Some how my car was also covered in drywall dust.