Yay! I'm back. Our laptop had to go to the Best Buy hospital last week so I was not on the world wide web.

So, here's the status of the projects that I wanted to get done last week:

  • Paint front door (Nope, didn't get done. We were also dog sitting last week and I was afraid that a freshly painted door would be covered in fluffy white dog hair. Might attempt to paint the door on Friday.)
  • Paint salvaged record cabinet (It's almost done! Yes, almost does count. Just needs some more spray paint and I need to make the inside of the cabinet look pretty.)
  • Sew cushions for parents' Adirondack chairs (Got a few done. I hate sewing cushions with welting. The cushions are beginning to look like snowflakes. Each is unique in its own special way.)
  • Sew cushion for the dude's knock-off pottery barn bench (Nope, didn't touch it.)
  • Organize office and go through crap (Nope, I'm lazy.)
  • Dig up and move a bunch of plants (Yes! Got most of it done and the garden still looks the same. Also ripped out crab grass that was creeping onto our lawn from the neighbor's weed lawn.)

I did get some other projects done that were not on the "to do" list. I'll share those projects in the next few days!

Below is a pic of the record cabinet as found on the side of the street. I'll have the awesome after shots as soon as it's done.

record cabinet cropped - before


  1. Can't wait to see it when it's done!

  2. Ha! Me too. The dude has been spray painting for days in the basement on that cabinet. Oh, the fumes!