Shoe Storage: Part Two

Shoe built-in 9.27.10 from left

We are about the mid-point in this project. There is a date over our heads to finish it up...October 16th. The Dude's mother will be staying with us for a day or two and we'd like to have the master bedroom habitable so we can move out of the guest room. Nothing like a deadline to get this project moving!

So far, the shell of the shoe storage towers, most of the trim work, the floor molding and the center bench are complete. We still have shelves to cut, prime and paint the built-in, install the shelving supports, nail down quarter-round at the floor and build the drawers and doors.

I think we can rock this out in time.

By my guestimations, I'm thinking that each tower will hold 33 pairs of shoes and I have no clue how many shoes the drawers under the bench will hold (we actually haven't figured out how we are going to utilize the drawers...hopefully it will not be used to store the small shop-vac and compressor).

I can't wait to sit on the bench with a magazine and a cup of tea and stare out at my neighbor's mossy roof.

Shoe Built in 9.27.10


Patio Par-tay

(via PhillyMag.com)

Last week I was lucky enought to sneak in be invited by Julie to a Philadelphia Social Media Moms party generously hosted by E.P. Henry at the Philadelphia Magazine Design Home. (holy cow that was a lot of links)

The house is enormous! It made me a little sad to see so much extravagance on an old country farm property. All I could think of was 1. I would never see the Dude if we lived in 12,000 square feet 2. it would take me 3 months to clean the house (I would need 5 Zoilas) and 3. how many sinks and tvs do you really need?


(via JulieBouf)

But...it was very lovely. You should really stop by the house...100% of the $20 ticket proceeds goes to the Ronald McDonald House.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention - the house has a Panic Room.

**Disclosure: This party was sponsored by E.P. Henry. All of the opinions are mine and not influenced by E.P. Henry. I did get a really nice gift bag with the perfect diy/6 AM dog walking hat.

me being stupid two


Shoe Storage

We are making some progress!

After lots of measuring, building, carrying the towers up the steps, carrying the towers down the steps to trim - we have the shell of our shoe storage.

A bench seat will be between the towers for even more shoe storage - similar to this.

We have lots of shoes.

Click on the upstairs bedroom label to see our very slow progress over the past year-ish.


Coffee Table FAIL

Yep, I failed on the coffee table choice. The table that I picked is huge. Now I have to sell it*/return it and find another table. Bleh.

Divert your eyes from the mess on the current coffee table.

Right now, we are leaning toward this one from West Elm since it has drawers to hide stuff.

Top-Drawer Coffee Table
Top-Drawer Coffee Table

And we are still digging this one from Home Decorators (and its new sale price).

2 Holbrook

Holbrook Coffee Table

Are there any other tables that I should have on my radar?

Coffee Table Search Part 1
Coffee Table Search Part 2

*If you live in the Delaware Valley NJ/PA/DE, would you like to buy my table? Send me an email at wearecrafty at gmail dot com.


And the winner is...

I finally ordered a coffee table.
Monaco Rustic Coffee Table
Monaco Rustic Table from Overstock.

I also ordered a 8' x 10' sisal/seagrass rug (on sale) and am hoping to layer cute rugs over the boring beige rug. Can't wait for the UPS/Fedex/Mail dude to arrive with the goods.


The land of misfit projects

Over the long weekend we worked on the projects that we've been putting off. I'm sure you have those too...the projects that you just don't want to do.

First on the list- take out everything that is in the shed and make our yard look like an episode of Hoarders.

resize shed clean up 1

resize shed clean up 2

After getting organized and putting stuff back, the Dude touched up the shed porch paint. (one day I'll post about the story of building the shed)

Shed Sept 2010

Next up was relocating the air vent upstairs so we can start building the shoe storage unit.


Exciting, right?! The vent was originally located on the side of the dormer wall. Now the vent has been moved to the front of the wall, next to the built-in.


The third project on the crappy list: figure out what we want to do with the interior door hardware. You may remember that I used the crock-pot method to clean a bunch of old painted over door hinges and hardware.

The Dude decided that he doesn't "trust" the old hardware and wants the new stuff. We found a mortise set with glass knobs at Home Depot for $25 and gave it a try on a dutch door that goes to the upstairs. There is a brushed nickel back plate that still needs to be installed, but it is a start to the door hardware dilemma.


I also did a little touch up painting on the bathroom molding.


Well, that was our weekend! Hope you had a great long weekend.

Do you have easy projects that you've been putting off too?

(I promise I'll get a new camera soon. These crappy iPhone pics are not cutting it! Any camera suggestions?)