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Lostrivermodern outside

Lostrivermodern outside dwell mag

Lostrivermodern family room

Lostrivermodern kitchen view

Lostrivermodern bedroom

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Weekend plans

One or more of these items might be coming to our house this weekend ...

Home Depot Drum Sander Rental
drylock basement floor
Portfolio 1-Light Outdoor- Lowes

For those with a holiday weekend, will you be working on a grandiose project or will you be relaxing and grilling?


Potting Bench

One of our favorite things in our backyard is the potting bench that is installed on the side of the shed. It gets tons of use when potting or just a place to store new plants.

A few years ago, we saw the below article in Cottage Living (Jan/Feb. 2006 issue) about how to make a hinged potting bench.

Cottage Living Potting Bench 1

Cottage Living Bench

We made ours out of cedar and used rope instead of chain link. It's so great to have a place to make such a mess and not wreck the patio table (like I was doing before). You can see a bit of the bench in the down position in this post.

Potting bench 1

Potting bench 2

It is definitely used and abused ... I mean well loved.


Bathroom Inspiration

The Dude informed me that we can not take on remodeling the bathrooms until we finish up some other projects. Ugh, I know he's right. I'm now planning on working like the wind to drylok/paint the basement this weekend and start moving all of my stuff that is upstairs to finish pulling up the carpet.

For now I can dream...
Rustic Bathroom
via House Beautiful

Marble tile Bathroom
Via House Beautiful

Nate Berkus Bathroom
Via Elle Decor

Bead board Bathroom
Via Elle Decor

Touches of wood
Via Elle Decor

Meg Ryan Bathroom
Meg Ryan's house via Elle Decor


Hello my name is...

After reading Eva's post, I thought it was finally time to introduce myself!

I'm Lisa ... a thirty something, granny wanna be, DIYer, shoe loving, not-for-profit fundraiser. I'm also co-owner with the Dude of a "cozy" 1930s cape cod right outside of Philadelphia.

The Dude and I met in college in Connecticut and some how I convinced him to move to New Jersey. We purchased our home about 5 years ago and have slowly been updating it. His career kept him on the road (he was a tour manager for bands) so for long stretches of a time I was home by myself trying to get the house in order. During that time, I had a chance to learn every creak the house made ... especially in the middle of the night. I was like a single mom of a house. Recently, he switched careers to be home more (now he legally gets to walk into people's houses as a realtor).

I had a fun and wacky childhood in South Jersey. My family spent weekends and the summer traveling the country by motorcycle and sidecar (when my brother and I were little). When we weren't traveling, my dad was making us roof or weed the yard for a can of soda. Fun times!

I started blogging last summer after being forced encouraged by friends - Lauren and Elizabeth. I hope you enjoy reading (if not you can blame them).

So that's it! Oh, and we are also in the process of trying to find the perfect doggie to adopt.

You can also find me on Twitter at @JustOerTheRiver. Stop by and say hi!

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Thanks for reading!!


New cuckoo clock

(Found by E. She knows me too well!)


Robin and Garden Gnome approved

Last night, I finally had a chance to get some new shade plants in the ground. This year I'm trying to stick to native perennials. Not only are they beneficial to the animals in the area - but for the most part - they are relatively easier to take care of compared to other plants.

(back row: Foamflower tiarella cordifolia 'Wissahickon' front row l.-r.: Coral bells heuchera 'Paris', heuchera 'Miracle', heuchera 'Snow Angel'. All from Terrain)

While I was outside, I felt like I was being watched. Normally, I'm tracked by my nosey neighbor, but this time it was a robin red-breast checking out my work. (He looks far away, but was hoping around me about 3 feet away)

And take a look at my veggie box progress. Things are actually growing...who knew!

One of the garden gnomes also found a spot next to the new plants to enjoy his smooth jazz.


The Selby

What a crazy week! Sorry for the lack of posting.

Yesterday, I picked up The Selby is in your place. What a fun book! Here's just a taste from one of the "featured profiles" of Lorie Kanath, President of the Explorers Club.


iPhone peer pressure

Last night I finally got an iPhone. My last cell phone was a simple flip phone that just made calls and sent text messages. Now I have the world at my finger tips.


Dear readers, what Apps can you not live without?

I might have to get this free App by Luckybite that turns your phone into a bird alarm clock. For about $12, you can order the Birdbox for your phone to nest.