Happy Turkey Day!

Gobble gobble gobble!


More kitchen inspiration

Modern All-White Kitchen Canadian House and Home

Photography: Michael Graydon, Stylist: Sarah Hartill

Canadian House and Home

What I'm liking for my future remodeled kitchen: old with new, metal and wood, dark and light. Sorry, I got kitchens on my mind.


Kitchen Inspiration: Black and White

If Santa comes this year we are getting a much needed roof. Our current roof has a slight leaking problem. After the roof is done, we will be tackling the kitchen.

I'm thinking of white cabinets, a yet to be determined countertop, marmoleum floors and white subway tiles (even though I've heard that subway tiles are soo last year). Let the dreaming begin...

Cottage Living

Cottage Living: Laura Moss

Hamptons black and white kitchen
Photographer: Roger Davies Designer: Scott Currie Featured in: A Chic Retreat in the Hamptons ELLE DECOR, July 2009
Jenna Lyon's (J.Crew) kitchen

Michelle Smith of Milly Kitchen

Michelle Smith's (Milly) kitchen


Style Quiz: HomeGoods

Spotted this quiz by HomeGoods on Young House Love. What's your results?

I think it's not the most accurate quiz, but still a fun one to take!


tweet tweetly-tweet

I finally got my act together and joined twitter.

Follow the blog, all of the bloggy-house-decor-goodness and what is going through my head at http://twitter.com/JustOerTheRiver

Also, I added a subscription button on the right side to make it easier to follow what's going on at ...just over the river.

Thanks for reading and commenting!


Baby it's cold inside

Dear people out there,

Do you also live in a house that has plaster walls and no insulation? Our house is at least 5 degrees cooler inside than the temperature outside. Since most rooms have new/newer windows, the house isn't drafty. Is this a design feature from the 20s?


PS: I don't want to have to buy a fancy snuggie from Urban...

Urban Outfitters


Just some cool stuff

I have no major progress to report on the knee wall access panel. With our house being cooler (temperature-wise), joint compound dries slow. Mega slow. If I posted some pictures of the progress, it would definitely feel like you were watching paint dry. Yep, that exciting.

So, instead I'm posting some awesome silhouettes from The Bazaarium. It's so hard to pick out my favorites, since I like them all.

click on picture to see more info and larger...

Hi Bye

so over priced
nice rack
online pred


Can it be saved?

The dude started to pull up the carpet upstairs. So far the hardwood floor doesn't look horrible but it doesn't look good either. Originally I was thinking that we would paint the floors a soft white, but maybe we should stain them. Thoughts?


Doily love

When friends came over on Friday, I realized that I need to get my hands on table linens that fit my dining room table when the leaf (or two) is added.

I found this one at Anthopologie. Love it! This weekend, maybe I'll attempt to make something similar.

Small- Crochet Collage Tablecloth


Hello Sunshine Curtains

I never thought I could be so smitten by curtains for the mudroom. Quite sad, really.
mudroom curtains
I whipped these up last year after being inspired by Design*Sponge's DIY Wednesday post from the talented Derek and Lauren. Click here to see their instructions.

It's amazing how the little things, like curtains in the mudroom, can make you smile.


Inspiration: Guest Bedroom

Check out these pictures that Peacock Feathers' posted for her Tuesday Eye Candy. Drool...

Palmer Weiss portfolio

Palmer Weiss portfolio 3

Palmer Weiss Portfolio 4

Palmer Weiss portfolio 2

(via Palmer Weiss Interior Design)

Not only am I digging the furnishings, but the layout is great for a guest bedroom. I'd like to do a similar layout in our guest room with an ivory, red, light blue, chartreuse color palette.


hiveMODULAR cabin

I'm loving this cabin made from cargo containers. Check out their whole story here.

pictures via

Hand Tool Prayer Flags

Way way way back in the Summer, I went to the Art Star Craft Bazaar that was held at Penn's Landing (Philly). Finally, I got one of my favorite purchases up on the wall.

Hand tool prayer flags

Mudroom 11.9.09

The hand tool prayer flags come from etsy seller, flederhaus.


Style Quiz: Ethan Allen

I saw this style quiz from Ethan Allen floating around the interweb.

The verdict is in—your style is Loft. Loft is energetic. Fashion-driven. Practical. Materials borrowed from industry, architecture, and nature. Clean shapes. Punches of color. Spontaneous and fresh. Kids and pets? Bring them on.

It is actually somewhat accurate. But- I'm not sure if I want to bring on the kids and pets. I'm too much of a neat freak.

The dude's style came up 'Metro' which I'm a little surprised about since he likes suburban modern country.

What's your results?


I like to aim low

How far would you drive for a bag of free stuff? Apparently for me it’s about 180 miles round-trip.

Julie convinced me to go to the Aiming Low blog party in NYC last week, and the payoff was a swag bag.

Thanks to Aiming Low, HP and New York City for being super duper hosts. The swag bag contained an awesome treat that added to my motivation to order a netbook (which should be delivered tomorrow). NYC- you did let me down a little by being rainy, but I'll get over it.

Since Julie is a better storyteller and I feel like I might be getting the influenza, check out her post about our trip.

What are your thoughts on sponsored events? Sometimes I feel weird about it, but then I remember all of the alcohol sponsored store openings I've attended.

(Jackie, thanks for being my editor today in my time of illness)


Distracted by shiny objects

We have a busy "house" week ahead of us...friends are coming over on Friday and the dude's mother is staying the weekend. The upstairs needs a clear and safe path to get to the bed and other rooms need to be straightened up.

Instead of doing those activities, I decided yesterday to work on projects that do not help to accomplish the end goals.

Touched up painted ledge in mudroom

Mudroom ledge 11.1.09Mudroom ledge close up 11.1.09

Waxed kitchen floor (hoping guests will be blinded by shiny ugliness)

ugly waxed kitchen floor 11.1.09

Painted top of upstairs half wall

painted halfwall top 11.1.09

Ignored mess on other side of half wall

Mess behind half wall 11.1.09