Sewing Lemonade

Here's one of the projects that was started on my summer vacation and I finished up last night. My goal was to make a cute summer skirt for running errands. I used Simplicity pattern 7229 and some seersucker fabric I found at Walmart a few years back. I was an idiot and did not look at the hip measurements on the package and ended up making a skirt 4 sizes too small. I was in luck though- one of my friends was turning the big 1-0 in a few days and I knew she would dig this skirt. Thank goodness that I know a tween to make this lemon into lemonade!

Simplicity skirt 7229

Simplicity skirt 7229 view 2


  1. Wait til I tell Elizabeth that you refered to her as your "friend." She'll go over the moon!

  2. She's such an awesome person!