Happy Halloween!

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Pilot was all business today.


Would you?

Would you ever sign up for one of those tv shows that come into your home and renovate a room for you?

The Dude and I are currently considering putting in an application to one of those shows (many film in our area) but are a little hesitant. Yes, I would love to have some experts help us out and yes, I would love to have a nice discount ... but what about the design. I've seen a bunch of poo on some of those shows and some really awesome things too.

Over the weekend, I was feeling a bit under the weather and spent some quality time on the couch. I caught a new show called "I Hate My Kitchen" and actually loved what they did.

Would you risk it and have a tv show design one of your rooms?

Below are some screen shots from the "Traditional Update" episode of I Hate My Kitchen.

Eek, I might have to take the plunge! We could use some help.


Could I learn to love it?

The Dude wants a Poang chair. I understand that they are comfortable, but I'm just not into it.

My mind could be changed with the sheepskin cover though.


Shoe Storage: Part Three

Yep, we are still working on those shoe storage built-ins. They are now primed and have one coat of paint on them.

We decided to spruce up the inside of the cabinets with some old paint that I had from my last apartment. I'm surprised that the paint wasn't hard as a rock since it was from 2003. The grey is Flagstone by Olympic in a Semi-gloss.

We did have a little problem opening the can. The left-over paint had to be poured into some plastic chinese take-out containers since there was no way to put the top back on that bad boy.

Hopefully (fingers crossed) this week we will start getting some shelving in the two towers.

Any recommendations on the type of shelves that we should install? Right now, I'm thinking of white painted shelves in mdf or plywood with white contact paper on the tops. Remember, these shelves will be used for shoes. I'm up for some ideas!!

Check out our slow progress:
Shoe Storage: Part One
Shoe Storage: Part Two


A true sign

Nail bling bling

butter LONDON 3 Free, Rosie Lee

You know no house projects are getting done when my nails are all bling bling.


Oops my bad

My bad ... I forgot to show the Internet what we finally ended up with after the "Great coffee table search of 2010."

Living Room 10/10 Three

We ended up with the Top-Drawer Coffee Table from West Elm. The website had it on sale but I called over to the Philly store and they had it for cheaper...and I saved on the shipping charge!

I also ordered this rug from Overstock. I was able to save a bunch by ordering it during a "rug event" and had a 10% off coupon code.

2 resized living room

(please ignore the donation pile behind the chair and the silly dog)


Blanket time

MJ and Blanket

(not that Blanket, silly)

It's finally getting a little chilly outside and all I want to do is wrap myself in a warm blanket and watch re-runs of the Rachel Zoe Project.

I'll take one of these Pendleton blankets...Photobucket

San Miguel Blanket
Glacier Park 100th Anniversary Blanket

Glacier Park 100th Anniversary Blanket

Eco-wise Wool Worthington Throw
Eco-wise Wool Worthington Throw

Glacier National Park Blanket

Glacier National Park Blanket

Add some sleep socks and I'll be good to go for Fall and Winter.