Now what? Sneaker drawers!

Finally, the shelves for the shoe storage towers are painted. I used Ace Hardware's Cabinet, Door and Trim paint (as recommended by non-paid-endorser Sara at Russet Street Reno - by the way check out her cabinets!).
In the end, the paint went on really nice even though it took 3-4 coats on each side of the shelf with a 6-8 hour drying time.



I'm still working on shelf placement and playing shoe tetris on which shoe goes on which shelf. Also some shoes are going to a nice farm in the country...shhh...don't tell them!

The shoe drawers are also a work in progress right now. With snow on the ground, we get a little stuck on the sanding and cutting wood process since that all gets done outside. And it is also ski season.

I wanted these drawers be pretty deep to have some flexibility in their use. Our plan is to use them as sneaker drawers, but the next person down the line might not have a large sneaker collection and want to use the storage for something normal like sweaters or linens.

So, I'm wondering how to divide the sneakers. They stand-up on their own, like how I currently have them, but need a divider for the next row of sneakers. Ideally, I would like something that could be moved and not so permanent. I did some research and most typical drawer dividers are too short for the width of these drawers.

Any ideas?

This tension rod is the only thing I could think of to divide and conquer the sneakers.


My resolutions are crap

Yep, my new year's resolution theme is crap. Here goes:
  1. Get rid of crap. I don't know how two people have been able to accumulate some much junk. We are going to start a twice a month stop to Goodwill and resale store. The plan is to downsize our stuff by over 50%.
  2. Stop crapping out on projects and finish them up! I'm still working on painting the shoe shelves with the slowest drying paint ever made. The shelves should be done by the end of the week and hopefully we can cut some wood for the cabinet doors. After the shoe storage is complete, we will be working on our downstairs office then back upstairs to update the second bathroom.
  3. Clean out the crap in my email accounts.
  4. Figure out who is not picking up their dog's crap on our block.


Dream Home

This year's HGTV's Dream Home is in Stowe, Vermont - one of our favorite places! It seems we only enter the Dream Home contest when the house is near a ski mountain.

Where would your dream home be located?