I tried to dye

In the beginning of the month, I went to a blogging event in NYC and needed some blog business cards. Of course, I waited until the last minute so none could be designed and printed and made all pretty. The night before I had to get my diy on and make my own cards.

In my head, I thought I would want cards with a ombre, honeysuckle color going down the side of the card. Out came the Rit dye and some printable cards from an office store.

The cards came out okay. I could not wait for the dye to cool and dipped the cards when the dye was still warm. The color came out darker than I wanted and the warmer dye made the cards curl at the ends. Lesson learned!

I'm still going to try to dye some fabric this spring/summer. Can't wait! Have you had any luck dyeing stuff?


Fabric brain explosion

Below are some fabric choices that are floating around in my head for the upstairs window seat...

420 Fabric Choices for upstairs

I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions! It takes a village to make a decision around here.

Right now, everything is based off of the middle floral fabric...maybe it will end up being a bolster that would run the length of the window?? Who knows, really... do you know?

New to da blog or forget what the window seat project/shoe storage extravaganza is ... here's a link.


You have been warned

The website for HGTV Canada's television program, Colin and Justin's Home Heist, is addictive!

It will suck you into a time/space vortex and this is what you will see:

  • amazing before and afters of at least three rooms from one house (I feel like I've been in many of those "before" pictures)

  • tons of Ikea kitchen cabinets

  • kitchen eye candy

  • funny episode names

    • Before: Kitchen Heist

      After: Kitchen Heist

      Have a happy Friday! Don't forget...I did warn you.