A Toothpaste Resolution

(love having a chance to use my Martha Stewart labels)

Part of my New Year's resolution will be to make more everyday household items (cleaners, shampoo, ect.). So, last night I started on the journey and made my own toothpaste from the Big Ass Book of Crafts (thanks Jaz for the book!).

The toothpaste combines lime zest, baking soda and peppermint oil. It stays as a powder and you just dip your toothbrush in to the jar.

The results- so far, so good! I've used it just two times and my teeth still feel minty fresh.

Anyone else want to join me in making household stuff? Maybe each month a different item? What do you think?


  1. my grandmother used to make her own toothpaste with just baking soda and salt - every now and then I whip some up when I'm running low on Crest

  2. That sounds like a cool idea- I'll join you in making household stuff.

  3. i might try the toothpaste if you have a few more days of good results. i think i'll try your monthly suggestions too. Christina

  4. oh, and by the way...LOVE the label. Christina - again

  5. Really do love the label for this! Whereabouts do you get peppermint oil? Grocery store? Health store?

  6. Lauren, I used the peppermint oil/flavoring that is found in the baking aisle. I was about to get the kind sold in the health food aisle, but it said not for ingestion and it scared me off.