Knitting away...

'Tis the season my hands cramp up from knitting in a fury to get everything complete for Christmas. So far I have finished two scarves. Many more projects still to tackle. Agh!

Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Mira Mira in Turquoise
(there are little metal flecks in the yarn!)

Yarn: Schulana Aria in Toast

Keeping true to the Handmade Pledge, I think I have to make some purchases today for some super cute patterns: Wee Wonderfuls and Posie Gets Cosy.

If you normally get a gift from me, place your orders now for some homemade goodness (scarf, elf, garden gnome, felt ornaments).

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  1. No, I don't usually get a gift from you and I'm wondering why the heck not! Just kidding ;) I do love that toast color, though!