100th Post Giveaway!!

Wow, I can't believe Just Over The River is 100 posts old!

Thanks to the support of friends (Elizabeth and Lauren) for getting my butt in gear to start this bad boy. I'm having a blast! Also, a big thanks to you, the readers!

To celebrate the centennial post, I'm offering a little giveaway from uber crafty friend Matt of Just Two Squares.

White Cranebow in box

brown crane white background 2 Green Cranebow

Cranebow on box

To win 3 "Cranebows" of your choice (options: Cranes are available in white, light brown, green and red - with or without ribbon) please comment to this post by Midnight (EST) Tuesday, December 15th.

A random comment will be chosen by some sort of scientific method and will be announced on Wednesday, December 16th.

Check out Matt's site for more cute origami creations. If you'd like to order "Cranebows" shoot Matt an email on his site.

Good luck and thanks for visiting me in my little world!


  1. Very cool giveaway! I love handmade things, especially when they are given to me. :)

  2. Love the giveaway... very cute ornaments! And congrats on the 100th post! You're doing great..the blog gets better every day!

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  4. What a unique idea! Love your blog :)
    From, Christina Z

  5. They are really neat! What a cool idea. I can't believe you've had 100 posts already...it seems like just yesterday that you started out. I'm so proud ;)