Kitchen Inspiration: More white kitchens

Kitchen inspiration: Mirrored glass 12/9/09

Kitchen Inspiration: All-White Kitchen 12/9/09

Kitchen Inspiration - Simple Farmhouse Kitchen12/9/09

Kitchen Inspiration: Understated Electric 12/9/09

Kitchen Inspiration: Pop of Color 12/9/09

Kitchen Inspiration: Modern Mix 12/9/09

1. Designer: Jonathan Berger, July 2009 House Beautiful. 2. Designer: James Radin, October 2007 House Beautiful. 3. Designer: Susan Tully, November 2007 House Beautiful. 4. Designer: Joan Schindler, May 2007 House Beautiful. 5. August 2007 House Beautiful. 6. Designer and homeowner: Kim Fiscus, June 2008 House Beautiful.

All pictures from House Beautiful magazine


  1. The cool thing is that there is such commonality among your inspiration pix that you'll have NO trouble when you actually get to design your own. You know exectly what you want!

  2. The first one is a favorite of mine! I love the mirrored doors...

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  4. *Happy sigh* I never get tired of looking at pretty white kitchens.

  5. I'm trying to think where we can add some mirrored cabinet doors. Love them!