Overcoming my fears in 2010

I'm starting off the new year on the right foot by overcoming one of my biggest fears...hanging pictures on our plaster walls.

It took me four years to figure out what to hang over the couch, so working on a collage of pictures was a big deal for the guest room.

This room is still a work in progress. Hopefully, 2010 is the year of the guest room!!

Making Templates Templates on the wall

Steve using level thing Steve making backing

full room- guest room

Left side of wall
(L-R.) 1 1/2 year old me in Strathmere, NJ; Paper cut out pattern from Kingpod Mailorder #8; Jen Corace for Tiny Showcase; Fifi Lapin

Right side of wall
(L-R.) Cross stitch sampler pattern from Kingpod Mailorder #5; Amy Ruppel for Tiny Showcase; Great-grandmother's diploma from secretary school; Newspaper from 1972 found behind wallpaper in our living room


  1. It looks nice!

    ...is the dude wearing a scarf?

  2. Our house is so cold that you need to wear a scarf and sometimes a hat.

  3. We were always afraid about hanging our art too until we moved here. The walls are timber vertical join (vj) boards and it is more forgiving. I like the eclectic mix you chose for that room.

  4. Looks great! and what a transformation!

    i rock a hot scarf and hat around the house. old homes can be drafty mofos.