An Ikea Lunch

Here's my strategy to fit a trip to Ikea during your lunch hour (many of my time saving rules were broken today).


Bring a child or two other co-workers to qualify for family parking.

Park near the exit not entrance if you think people will give you the stink-eye by parking in family lot.


Research what item(s) you need before the trip. Go with a mission.

Decide on who will play bad cop (i.e. “Focus!” “Stay on target!”)

Store plan (Acknowledge that you can not walk around the whole store. Either choose the room vignette space or choose touring the marketplace, but not both. Also, take advantage of the short cuts.)


(don't judge my food choices)

Stick to easy eating meals and ones that do not need extra preparation from kitchen staff (stay away from the cheese steaks).

Normally it's not advertised but there is a $1.99 pasta meal

Seating location. (Depends on store. You may want sit near the place to put trays away or near the exit.)

The secret of the elevator. The South Philadelphia store has two elevators - one goes to the market place, one goes to the entrance. If you are just there to eat and leave, find the elevator that goes to the entrance.

No shiny objects

Designated bad cop reminds you to stay focus

No impulse buys. You don't need weird Swedish candy, even if it is on sale.

Check out Time

Items prior to check out – Ignore

As is section – Glance in

As I learned today, only go to the Self Check out lanes. Even if the regular cash register lane looks empty, you will have someone in front of you buying a "glorpglorp" with no price tag.

Time for ice cream!

Also, beware of wacky school holidays and going back to college season.

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  1. I so wish I had your will power - even with a plan in hand the shiny always win. . . I need to find myself a "bad cop"