The land of misfit projects

Over the long weekend we worked on the projects that we've been putting off. I'm sure you have those too...the projects that you just don't want to do.

First on the list- take out everything that is in the shed and make our yard look like an episode of Hoarders.

resize shed clean up 1

resize shed clean up 2

After getting organized and putting stuff back, the Dude touched up the shed porch paint. (one day I'll post about the story of building the shed)

Shed Sept 2010

Next up was relocating the air vent upstairs so we can start building the shoe storage unit.


Exciting, right?! The vent was originally located on the side of the dormer wall. Now the vent has been moved to the front of the wall, next to the built-in.


The third project on the crappy list: figure out what we want to do with the interior door hardware. You may remember that I used the crock-pot method to clean a bunch of old painted over door hinges and hardware.

The Dude decided that he doesn't "trust" the old hardware and wants the new stuff. We found a mortise set with glass knobs at Home Depot for $25 and gave it a try on a dutch door that goes to the upstairs. There is a brushed nickel back plate that still needs to be installed, but it is a start to the door hardware dilemma.


I also did a little touch up painting on the bathroom molding.


Well, that was our weekend! Hope you had a great long weekend.

Do you have easy projects that you've been putting off too?

(I promise I'll get a new camera soon. These crappy iPhone pics are not cutting it! Any camera suggestions?)


  1. Your shed is adorable!! I love it! I'm a big Canon girl for cameras, I love my G9 and SD780. The 780 is super lightweight and takes a nice picture on the fly! No dslr here.

  2. Unfortunately the Home Depot glass doorknobs and mortise boxes are garbage. You will be luck to get a years worth of use out of them before the knobs start to come loose. For all your old hardware needs check out www.lahardware.com, the website has only a small fraction of the inventory, but i have been there and they have millions of pieces. Just email them a picture of an original set from one of your other doors and they can find you a match.

  3. It definitely looks like Hoarders -- but where are the 50 cats!?!? Three cheers for stellar work in the getting-shit-done department... you inspire us all, ehehe.

  4. oh and for cameras -- I have the Sony DSC-TX1 which is GREAT for low light and macro, but not so hot (as a point and shoot) for wide-angle room pics. It's tiiiiiiny though, great for jeans pockets & keeping on you at all times.

  5. Your back yard pics scared me, but then the picture of your cute shed popped up and I felt better. :) Where was The Pilot during all of this action?

    Also, I have a pink cannon. Though I sometimes wish it were purple. Anyway, it takes really nice pictures and it was very reasonably priced.

  6. Oh, you want to see hoarders....come on over.

  7. Thanks guys for the advice!

    I'm going to start looking at cameras. I want something that I don't have to read the manual but might be able to take wide angle for Steve to borrow for realestate pics.

    Lauren(Bloggerific)- The Pilot laid on a blanket and ate grapes while we cleaned out the shed. I might be stretching the truth on one of these. I'll let you figure it out!

    Woody: thanks for the info on the mortise sets!