Patio Par-tay

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Last week I was lucky enought to sneak in be invited by Julie to a Philadelphia Social Media Moms party generously hosted by E.P. Henry at the Philadelphia Magazine Design Home. (holy cow that was a lot of links)

The house is enormous! It made me a little sad to see so much extravagance on an old country farm property. All I could think of was 1. I would never see the Dude if we lived in 12,000 square feet 2. it would take me 3 months to clean the house (I would need 5 Zoilas) and 3. how many sinks and tvs do you really need?


(via JulieBouf)

But...it was very lovely. You should really stop by the house...100% of the $20 ticket proceeds goes to the Ronald McDonald House.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention - the house has a Panic Room.

**Disclosure: This party was sponsored by E.P. Henry. All of the opinions are mine and not influenced by E.P. Henry. I did get a really nice gift bag with the perfect diy/6 AM dog walking hat.

me being stupid two


  1. Oh and btw....I didn't get a HAT or a notepad. WAAHHHHH! That hat rocks, too! Apparently I got the runt bag.

  2. Julie, you can wear my hat on the weekends.

    I can't believe how awake and clean I looked at 6 AM today...thanks to my new hat!!

  3. Panic rooms are so important, too. Love the hat pic!

  4. Where else do you expect to become lasting bffs with Jodie & Kristen? Know what you mean about the McMansion extravagance - ah well! (P.S. dog-ownership question.... can you train them to wake up later?)

  5. Wow! When is my rich uncle going to find me so that I can live like that - my 14 year old could have his own wing!!! Nice hat, Lisa!!

  6. Lauren- the dog is actually cool with waking up later, but work isn't cool with me showing up late!

    Crystal- The house was decorated with certain characters/people in mind. The third floor was dedicated to the family's oldest son. It was the opposite of having the 30ish year old kid living in the basement.

    Glad everyone likes the hat pic! I will have a new blog series about the hat just to piss Julie off that she did not get one.