Shoe Storage: Part Two

Shoe built-in 9.27.10 from left

We are about the mid-point in this project. There is a date over our heads to finish it up...October 16th. The Dude's mother will be staying with us for a day or two and we'd like to have the master bedroom habitable so we can move out of the guest room. Nothing like a deadline to get this project moving!

So far, the shell of the shoe storage towers, most of the trim work, the floor molding and the center bench are complete. We still have shelves to cut, prime and paint the built-in, install the shelving supports, nail down quarter-round at the floor and build the drawers and doors.

I think we can rock this out in time.

By my guestimations, I'm thinking that each tower will hold 33 pairs of shoes and I have no clue how many shoes the drawers under the bench will hold (we actually haven't figured out how we are going to utilize the drawers...hopefully it will not be used to store the small shop-vac and compressor).

I can't wait to sit on the bench with a magazine and a cup of tea and stare out at my neighbor's mossy roof.

Shoe Built in 9.27.10


  1. That looks really awesome and I am intensely jealous of the window seat and the shoe storage. Not so much of the mossy roof but still. ;)

  2. wow! I am insanely jealous of this. I have a shoe issue myself, and something of this scale would be life-changing. :)

  3. Well, shop vacs and compressors need a home, too! haha