Coffee Table FAIL

Yep, I failed on the coffee table choice. The table that I picked is huge. Now I have to sell it*/return it and find another table. Bleh.

Divert your eyes from the mess on the current coffee table.

Right now, we are leaning toward this one from West Elm since it has drawers to hide stuff.

Top-Drawer Coffee Table
Top-Drawer Coffee Table

And we are still digging this one from Home Decorators (and its new sale price).

2 Holbrook

Holbrook Coffee Table

Are there any other tables that I should have on my radar?

Coffee Table Search Part 1
Coffee Table Search Part 2

*If you live in the Delaware Valley NJ/PA/DE, would you like to buy my table? Send me an email at wearecrafty at gmail dot com.


  1. oh no! It is rather huge. Overstock has a good return policy right? Hopefully you can get it back to them.

    i do like the Hollbrook one a lot, and the new lower price is sweet!

    Have you seen the new ikea coffee table that has been floating around the blog world? Its a sleek chrome and glass number for super cheap.I don't think its on the website yet though.

  2. It's huge! What a shame. I hope you'll be able to return it because the other choices seem better. xx

  3. Oh no! After such a triumphant introduction as well! Are you nursing wounds or happy to see it gone?

  4. So far, Overstock has been great with dealing with the return. Tonight I have to attempt to package it back up and take it to a UPS store. The rep typed in my reason for return: "table was made for a family of giants."

    I now gotta order a new table. The UPS driver is going to love me.