Shoe MVP

When I found out that we were going to the theme parks in Orlando in August, I freaked out about WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR..AAHHHH!

I'm a disaster when it comes to casual comfort clothes. I'm either in a dress and the tallest shoes ever made or sweat pants and Crocs - no in between.

So I caved and purchased my first pair of Birks for the comfort and LOOK THEY ARE SHINY! It was the best decision ever (Thanks E for recommending). They also stayed on during crazy upside down roller coasters.

Black Patent Birko-Flor Gizeh

I'm officially a hippie now, right?

*sorry for the caps lock. Birkenstock did not sponsor this post. I'm just passionate about shoes.


  1. I'm not hating. I had to be on my feet all morning and I wore one of my pairs of Gizehs today.

  2. See I told you!

    Meanwhile, I can't believe I actually recommended comfort shoes to anyone.. what is happening to me?!

  3. You officially are. Those are hippie shoes even by Vancouver standards. Do you need a patchouli shipment?? (And the thought of my shoes falling off during rollercoasters terrifies me!!!)

  4. I have been wanting those shoes!

  5. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog!! These look great, I think balck patent is one of the best options for Birkis. Have a nice day, Monika

  6. I got mine on sale too at Endless!