Shoe storage

We have a lot of shoes. Like, a lot a lot. We could have a room dedicated to our love of all shoes, but alas, no room. I have a lot of heels and the Dude is a collector (once he finds something he likes, he buys five pairs in the same color).

I love this idea of using custom drawers to store heels. I'll be putting this on the Dude's Spring building list.
Margot Fooshee shoe storage

Margot Fooshee shoe storage via Real Simple


  1. I love that! What a great way to store heels... oh man. I need a master closet like yesterday. During the design of our upstairs Pete asked if I wanted bigger bedrooms or a master closet. Sorry future kids. Master closet wins.

  2. @ the fourth door Future kids can get bunk beds!!

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