Carpet Karma

Last Monday the dog got sick. Really sick. On my jute carpet.

So instead of a natural fiber carpet for the family room, I'm now looking at Indoor/Outdoor carpet options.

Sawgrass Mills Explosion - Aqua
Sawgrass Mills - Explosion, Aqua

Sawgrass Mills Tribeca Spruce
Sawgrass Mills - Tribeca, Spruce

Sawgrass Mills Watermark Spruce
Sawgrass Mills - Watermark, Spruce

Sawgrass Mills Peacock Aqua
Sawgrass Mills - Peacock, Aqua

What I like about Sawgrass Mills rugs - they are similar to cotton and are a little more plush compared to other outdoor rugs.

Also, there are the lovely Dash and Albert rugs to consider too.

Dash and Albert
Dash and Albert - Diamond Light Blue/Ivory Indoor/Outdoor

Dash and Albert
Dash and Albert - Diamond Khaki/White Indoor/Outdoor

Do you have any rug favorites or dogs vs. carpet advice?


  1. I like the Sawgrass Mills in peacock aqua.

    What was wrong with The Pilot?

  2. I swear we got a dog out of 1950s cartoon.

    He buried a bone in the yard weeks ago (I thought it was a myth that dogs buried bones). On Sunday, he remembered that he had a bone in the yard. It was gross (since it was out in the rain and elements) and he decided to eat it. I warned him. But you can't rationalize with a dog.

  3. ruh roh. That sounds AWFUL!

    I am TOTALLY feeling the Dash and Albert rugs.

    I'm almost afraid to write this 'outloud' for fear of jinxing myself, but Morgan has only had an accident ONCE, and seemed to purposely find a big patch of wood floor to do it.

    Check these out too: http://bit.ly/9grlrZ

  4. The peacock is beautiful. Pick it!

  5. My cats puke every day, everything from grass to food to hairballs. Our Pottery Barn wool rugs clean up like a dream, I never have to worry about it. One cat has also peed on a PB rug, much to my dismay. It turned out fine with some Urine-Off, and Woolite Oxy clean is my weapon of choice!

  6. Agh, I'm so confused. I'd love to get a beautiful rug, but I'm also dealing with someone in the house that forgets to take his shoes off.

  7. i think all these carpet designs are good, but do you think its wise to have a carpet when you have a pet in house who can puke any time?? cleaning is such a mess

  8. @Henna: Unfort. we so need to have a carpet down. We have beautiful hardwood floors that are a soft pine = lots of dog scratches when he runs around the house.

  9. I totally vote for the peacock one