I hate drywall dust

Yeah, I know...waahh!

We lived with a hole in the downstairs bathroom ceiling for over a year until we could replace the roof (need to find photo documentation). It was a classy hole too. We put some pots and pans in the rafters to collect the water from the roof leak and put up some plastic sheeting. After we got the new roof, we lived with a light purple piece of drywall on the ceiling (a left over piece that was cut out of the upstairs bedroom wall to make the built-ins).

We've been putting off finishing off the ceiling because of the stupid drywall spackle dust.

Yesterday, we tackled the project through a grin-and-bear it method. We acknowledged it was going to be a disaster to clean up, that white ghost foot prints would be tracked through the house and the dog might look like he had bad dandruff.

Primer is up... now time to find that can of bathroom paint.

Sorry for the bad iPhone pictures. Sometimes it's just too hard to find the real camera!


Bathroom Ceiling Before 4


Bathroom Ceiling After 3

Some how my car was also covered in drywall dust.


  1. But was it worth the suffering?! Say yes, say yes. Don't scare me out of destruction!

  2. Having a ceiling without a large hole is def. worth it.