Moving right along

We are back into "finishing the upstairs" mode and the Dude spent most of the weekend painting the molding and starting on the touch up painting. I spent that time trying to entertain the dog like some sort of clown entertainer, so he wouldn't whine when he knew he couldn't be with the Dude (they have some sort of special male bond that I will never have with Pilot) and to keep him from trying to get upstairs and ending up with a paint streak down his side.

Last night, I ordered a bicycle leash to wear this pup out and a dog bed for him to crash when not in the crate. These dogs and their accessories really add up!
Molly Mutt Mr. Roboto

Dog bed by Molly Mutt (Mr. Roboto)

Walky Dog Bicycle Leash (I hope this works!)

Finding things and toys to keep Pilot busy seems to be difficult since he's an "aggressive" chewer. The other day he "aggressively" chewed my door stop.
Pilot the chewer

I also need to start shopping for a stair runner and a larger rug for the family room since Pilot is a bit of a spazz on the hardwood floors.

He is starting to loose his new dog smell!


  1. Oooh, I'm interested to see how that bike leash works...


  2. Kelly-

    I so hope it works. Everyday I check the delivery status on Amazon waiting for its arrival!


  3. I need some great rug ideas asap for my dining room. please post! I'll check back. Great blog btw.