Raised veggie box update

The vegetable garden is starting to get it's grow on...as well as the neighbor's weeds (see them trying to creep into the veggie box).

spinach and tomatoes

bibb lettuce, chives,
radishes, and hopefully pole beans

Stay away weeds!

This is the first time I'm growing spinach and lettuce. Any tips for growing and harvesting?

This post explains how we built the raised vegetable bed.


  1. Just rip off the leaves and rinse!

  2. You have to pick the spinach when it's young. I made that mistake last year... at one point I had a nice bush of young spinach leaves, and a week later the thing was monsterous (and not so edible) I think you need to keep clipping them when they're young and then new leaves come in.

    Not sure about the lettuce, but it's in my garden this year too!