Exterior house colors

I've never been really "sold" on the exterior colors of our house. What I do like about the exterior color is that it's different than the other boring houses on the block.

About two summers ago, we updated paint of the bottom portion of the house with just a slightly darker color than the original color. It's sort of a dark newport blue. We also painted the porch a light gray and freshened up the white railings.
After - from summer 2008

Before - summer 2008

Our front door is now painted black and the dude has plans on making a new screen door this summer. We also have plans on a new walk way (once our street is done being dug up from a massive sewer project). I would also like to get new spindles and railings too.

So the question is ... should we change the porch and bottom paint to this...

What do you think? Or is there a different color combo that would work with our yellow house?


  1. Love the lighter blue. It's kinda beachy. There is a house in my neighborhood that is light yellow like yours with rich green and red accents. Wish I had a photo handy...

  2. You house is so pretty. I like the lighter blue in that last image too.