More Knee wall storage

We finally finished getting the knee wall access door installed. It's such an improvement from the old "doors" (which were just two pieces of thin fiberboard leaning against the opening). The panel is held in place with magnets and has no hinges (so when you take it off you have to place it to the side).

Now I gotta figure out what kind of handles to install. Please comment with suggestions!!

Do I stick with the stainless European pulls that are on the other doors or switch it up? Should the pull(s) be installed horizontal or vertical?

Also, the door is pretty heavy. It's mdf and is backed with board insulation.

Check out flickr to see what it looked like before.

Here's some old posts about creating the built-ins in the knee wall and some about the upstairs.


  1. I say switch it up and go horizontal!

  2. I'd stick to the pulls you have already chosen and leave it vertical, myself.

  3. Nice! I'm going to say keep with what you have + put them vertically as well! xo

  4. Do you really need a handle at all? I'd be tempted to just leave it if you don't need to access often. xo Erica
    ps- great blog... will be following


  5. @Erica the other night I woke up with that eureka moment and thought the same thing. Maybe if I just add these to the top to be able to open the panel (right now you have to pry it open with a putty knife.