Dear John (Derian)

I (the dude) hung a new plate on our "plate wall" in the dining room.

The new addition? A John Derian plate (Sky Bird #5, Paon de Mer, Standing) was a birthday gift from a lovely friend. Lucky me!!

(details about the other plates can be here)


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  2. How about posting a picture of the birthday gift you got from THIS lovely friend??? Just sayin'.

    P.S. This is LAUREN, not Denise. I blame Corpse Arm.

  3. I've been wanting to do a "plate wall" for ever - I've got a box full of vintage plates just waiting to go. . . now that I've seen yours I just might have to break out the box

  4. @ Lauren: I'll post a picture on flickr this week!

    @ Laurendy: I had those plates sitting around forever before I finally hung them. I'm slow on the the final decision making when it comes to putting a hole in the wall.