A few weeks ago, I picked up a cute vase that was on sale at Anthropologie with the thought of making it a terrarium.

I finally had a chance last weekend to get over to Terrain with the dude and meet up with some friends for a yummy lunch at their cafe and pick up my terrarium supplies.

added pebbles and charcoal

added some potting soil

organized the plants
shoved the plants, lovingly, with a chop stick into the soil

Ta da!
I just need to get some little accessories to add to it... little deer, little mushrooms and maybe a little garden gnome that will tend to the plants.


  1. When I was at A.C. Moore over the weekend, I saw these little kits for making school diorama projects (side note: do you really need a kit for something that can be done in a shoebox?), and you could buy accessories like little deer, native Americans, and other tiny figurines. I suppose you could just buy little action figures, too, but I recall thinking these were pretty cheap.

    These aren't it, but you get the idea.

  2. I remember buying those little things for a diorama project as a kid. I'm pretty sure it was at Radix. I really loved it. Ahhhh, memories!

  3. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog! This is such an awesome idea! It looks lovely!

  4. Beautiful terrarium! Make sure to remove the lid for a few hours every week or so to let the plants get some air circulation!

    For more tips and links on all things terrarium check out the F&M!