The Guest Bedroom - The early years

Guest Bedroom c. 2005

The previous owners of our house had our guest bedroom/craft room as a kids' bedroom with a "Finding Nemo" theme. The walls were an okay shade of turquoise but all of the moldings were painted teal. The window and floor moldings were replaced sometime in the 80s/90s with some basic wood molding. It was one of the only rooms on the main level of the house without the original 1920s chunky wood molding.

After we moved in, the room became a junk room, craft room and our bedroom. I felt like we were living in a Clean House episode without the dirt. We decided to live in this room until we finished working on the upstairs bedroom (which still has to be finished).

moved in with our crap..blah.

Tomorrow I'll post some pictures from last January of the Dude rebuilding the moldings to match the rest of the house. It was one of his proudest house/woodworking moments.

In case your forget, the guest room currently looks like this at the moment.


  1. 110% improvement. The window frame looks great. Your dude did well.

  2. You didn't happen to get custody of the Nemo poster that was in there, did you?

    Grab Shell, Dude!