The Guest Bedroom: molding

The molding project is where the Dude really rocked it out and completed the project in a weekend. Previously, he was the guy that would call Roto-Rooter if we had a faucet leak. After watching a lot of the DIY Network and building our shed from scratch with my father, he's all about tackling any project himself (except for the roof).

The original molding in the guest bedroom was removed at some point and a plain wood molding was added. Bleh!! Last January, the Dude ripped it out and replaced it with a mixture of scrap wood and MDF (good luck to anyone in the future thinking they want to refinish it) to mimic the moldings in our office and hallway.

While he reworked the moldings, I painted the room from "Finding Nemo" turquoise to beige. I'm still not sold on the paint color in that room, but we got the can of paint for free.

The Dude also replicated the baseboard moldings that are found in the rest of the house. I'll have to try to locate those pictures and post them another day.

In process:


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