House Limitations and Compromises

Compromise and limitations seem to creep their heads into my decorating style/renovation plans in order to fit the style of the house, the dude's preferences, or budget.

The one limitation that drives me really crazy with our house is the outside. In my dream version, the exterior of our house would have a metal roof, cedar plank on the house and a river rock base. I guess the limitation is that there is no good reason to replace the vinyl siding or cover up the base. We are planning on a new roof in the springtime, but will probably just go with asphalt shingles (compromise to my metal roof).

How do you deal with compromises and limitations when renovating and decorating? What's the one that really bothers you the most?

After watching a recent episode of Renovation Nation in which the Omey family's remodel was featured, I was ready to "accidently" put a hole through our vinyl siding to replicate what the Omey family did to their exterior. They installed recycled cedar plank using a rainscreen siding method. Love it and there would be no compromising!

In the end, I guess I find relief in compromising and limitations by blogging. Sorry, readers!!

Omey Residence

Omey Home 2


  1. I hear you. I am dissatisfied with the exterior of our home too. The carport and the tuscan-style brick render bother me...a lot. Budget is what limits us but with a some creative thinking, we may overcome some of the ugliness.

  2. It is TOTALLY about compromise between me and Mr. Man. The rules are:
    - Keep an open mind and remember what the other person is good at (which is harder for me than it should be.)
    -Each person gets veto power.