A Peacock Feathers Wedding

Way way way back in June, you may have spotted some Twitter mentions about some secret crafting projects.

Finally all is revealed in Elizabeth's wedding pictures!

More pictures can be seen here and here on Once Wed. And from the very talented Heidi Geldhauser of Our Labor of Love.

E and K wedding by Our Labor of Love -resize

by Our Labor of Love

I was so honored to be part of this very special couple's day. Elizabeth also rocks for letting me pick out my own bride's maid dress and shoes too!!


  1. Oh my god! TWO bloggers on my blog roll worked together on a project?!?!


  2. Seriously gorgeous wedding.
    Which projects did you work on?

  3. @Holyoke Home - Ha! Worlds collide! E and I have been friends for years before she made me start a blog.

    @Meghan - I helped out with some of the little bits that were Elizabeth's vision (napkins, spray painting many animals, drink stirrers, favors, shopping, etc). We had some fun incorporating wacky animals.