Would Sandra Lee approve?

First thing in the morning, we finished decorating the conference room table as a dining table.

Greens, berries, hollies and twigs were cut and added to the table. We used the decoupaged plates as chargers and cut up paper towel cardboard as napkin rings (with some hot glued greens and cones). Scrap fabric was rolled into napkins and muslin was torn to make place mats. The candle sticks are also wrapped in old maps.

So there you have it! Oh, and by the way, we WON!

See the below posts on other details in our office holiday decorating contest:


  1. Oh...I thought you meant Christina's sister. jk ;)

    Congrats on winning!

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  3. Sure you can live in my office, but it might be a long commute to your house! We have a full sized "green" kitchen that is larger than both of our kitchens combined!