My hands are covered in Modge Podge

Last night, the Dude and I were getting "crazy" by decoupaging the back of glass plates for my work's holiday decorating contest. Apparently we were in a decoupage race, but I was not informed until the end...I lost.

We have a group of co-workers (me included) that are decorating the conference room as a dining room/living room. The decorating contest comes with a twist....the space has to be decorated with a recycling theme. I'll be posting more pictures this week as we decorate the room.

Below are our decoupaged plates that will be used as chargers. Since I work for a land trust, we have lots of maps and google earth images. So, I put them to use!


  1. Those turned out great! Very smart idea to recycle the old maps.

  2. Thanks!! They were tons of fun to make. I think next year, everyone is getting a plate for xmas.