Next decision stop: Coffee Table

via Ikea*

We currently have the above coffee table from Ikea in our living room. It came with the Dude when we moved in together and I've disliked it since our meeting. Now I have a great reason to finally get a new coffee table ... the dog's toys get stuck under the table and he will dig at the carpet until one of us retrieves it. Also, the dog slams his head on the edge of the table.

Thank you dog- we have to get a new coffee table and rug because of you.

In this post, you get a glimpse of the living room and coffee table.

So, here's my coffee table wish list:
  • No or very little hang-over on the table top for dog safety
  • "Light and airy" (the current table is too "heavy" for the space)
  • Could have a bottom shelf but not too low
  • A durable top because "someone" forgets to use coasters and we put our feet up on the table
  • In the $200-ish range would be awesome
  • Could be glass or wood
  • Could be rustic with modern lines

Anything else I should add to the wish list or do you have a coffee table suggestion that meets the criteria?

I'm hoping to make a decision soon and have the new table and rug set up in two weeks (I said it here, so I have to make it happen!).

*Looks like they recently discontinued the coffee table. Also, we found some lucky friends that are moving to the area that love the table and will give it a new home.


  1. What about the KLUBBO from Ikea (I'm putting it on my own personal short list) or have you looked at Target.com yet - they have quite a few "airy, yet rustic"ish coffee tables at pretty good prices.

  2. I think you need a glass and metal one. They are so chic!

  3. I left a whole list of suggestions on my blog :) Really hope it helps you guys to narrow some choices!

  4. Thanks for your suggestions!!