Robin and Garden Gnome approved

Last night, I finally had a chance to get some new shade plants in the ground. This year I'm trying to stick to native perennials. Not only are they beneficial to the animals in the area - but for the most part - they are relatively easier to take care of compared to other plants.

(back row: Foamflower tiarella cordifolia 'Wissahickon' front row l.-r.: Coral bells heuchera 'Paris', heuchera 'Miracle', heuchera 'Snow Angel'. All from Terrain)

While I was outside, I felt like I was being watched. Normally, I'm tracked by my nosey neighbor, but this time it was a robin red-breast checking out my work. (He looks far away, but was hoping around me about 3 feet away)

And take a look at my veggie box progress. Things are actually growing...who knew!

One of the garden gnomes also found a spot next to the new plants to enjoy his smooth jazz.


  1. I'll be building at least one raised flower bed this weekend, but probably using landscaping timbers. I will need to get mine gnome approved.

  2. Your veges are looking great. The gnome is pretty cool too - a real garden now.