Potting Bench

One of our favorite things in our backyard is the potting bench that is installed on the side of the shed. It gets tons of use when potting or just a place to store new plants.

A few years ago, we saw the below article in Cottage Living (Jan/Feb. 2006 issue) about how to make a hinged potting bench.

Cottage Living Potting Bench 1

Cottage Living Bench

We made ours out of cedar and used rope instead of chain link. It's so great to have a place to make such a mess and not wreck the patio table (like I was doing before). You can see a bit of the bench in the down position in this post.

Potting bench 1

Potting bench 2

It is definitely used and abused ... I mean well loved.


  1. I have seen your potter's bench in person and I really love it. Maybe your dude can build one for me too.

  2. @ Lauren maybe if you get the dude drunk, he'll build you one.

  3. That is a GREAT space saving idea! I want one of those for our current downstairs back deck area!