iPhone peer pressure

Last night I finally got an iPhone. My last cell phone was a simple flip phone that just made calls and sent text messages. Now I have the world at my finger tips.


Dear readers, what Apps can you not live without?

I might have to get this free App by Luckybite that turns your phone into a bird alarm clock. For about $12, you can order the Birdbox for your phone to nest.



  1. Jealous! I have a snazzy basic flip phone, from cingular. A company that has not been in existance for years.

    I can't wait to sell the house. Getting an iphone is going to be the way to reward myself :)

  2. Big fan of Pandora Radio, Twitterific, Redbox and Flixster apps.

  3. I am jealous. My phone is prehistoric and can only make phone calls. Definitely on my wish list.

  4. Matt, thanks for the recommendations!

    Fourth door and Brismod, believe me - I've been waiting for the right moment to get the new phone. I felt guilty the whole time leaving my old phone provider.

  5. eck! I can't believe you WANT to hear the damn birds in the morning. They are beserk in my yard every morning at 5am. As so as they shut the heck up it's time for me to wake up anyway. They make me sad.