Tile Tetris

Yesterday we got most of the glass tile up in the bath tub area. We worked until we used up all of the thin-set that we mixed and until the brink of major crankiness.

Bathroom tub tile 8.14.11 2

The Dude is worried that the tile looks "busy." I told him not to shower while drunk and he should be fine (btw, he picked out the tile).

Bathroom tub tile 8.14.11

Next step for the tile: cut the smaller tiles and finish the one wall, clean out any mortar between the tile and pick out a grout color.

I'm hoping this dude bathroom will be done soon and before Hans and Emilie's bathroom is complete.

(sorry for the poor quality of pictures...it is quite gloomy here today)


  1. OMG Lisa I love it. It almost looks like a pixellated version of ikat print.

  2. I absolutely love the small glass tiles! that is going to look fantastic!!

  3. umm....I think it is a *little* busy. Maybe a dark grout would soften it up some?

    On the other hand, that tile is totally hot, so who cares if it is busy?

  4. I love it. Though agree that showering whilst drunk could be a challenge.

  5. Thanks guys! I think the busy tile won't be that much of an issue because everything else in the room will be simple and there will be a shower curtain in front of the tile too!

  6. My first thought was that it is kind of busy but yet... I'm intrigued.

  7. That's amazing! Must have taken you forever though. It is a bit busy but with plain everything else it'll be such a fantastic focal piece!

    Lauren from :Lauren Makes a Home xxx

  8. The tiles look beautiful, I love it.