Game on

We are making (slow) progress on the upstairs bathroom. But the game is changing with a challenge from my bro, Hans, and his girlfriend, Emilie. They have also been remodeling their ONLY bathroom since February.

You can check out their progress here. We are basically tied for what is left to do but they have ACTUAL TILE ON THE WALLS. We don't.

Hans and Em's tiled bath tub surround. I'm jeals.

Our wager: The first couple to finish their bathroom wins with the other couple having to help them on their next big project.

This week, the dude (bless his heart) finished spackle/sanding and priming the walls. Our next step is to install the electric heated floors. Eeek, wish us luck!

Right now the room looks like a Design Star white box challenge:

Bathroom 8.10.11 sink corner

bathtub 8.10.11

Corner 8.10.11

Oh my! The drywall dust!!

Dusty windows

Sorry I don't have more interesting pictures. Just some smooth drywall.


  1. What a great idea--having a contest for the renovation! I'm sure it makes it a little more motivating and adds a little fun to it as well. Looking forward to seeing more progress photos! Good luck with the rest of the work.

  2. Smooth drywall counts for a lot, imho!

  3. It's still looking good. I put a SunTouch warmwire floor in a few months ago and it wasn't hard at all. Can't wait to see it all finished.