Fabric brain explosion

Below are some fabric choices that are floating around in my head for the upstairs window seat...

420 Fabric Choices for upstairs

I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions! It takes a village to make a decision around here.

Right now, everything is based off of the middle floral fabric...maybe it will end up being a bolster that would run the length of the window?? Who knows, really... do you know?

New to da blog or forget what the window seat project/shoe storage extravaganza is ... here's a link.


  1. Well, I hate most floral (MY issue, I know), so I don't like the center fabric. I really like #3, in combo with a very strong pattern, like the zig-zag stripe or the trellis/key whatever-it-is design.

  2. Hi! I'm new to the blog. I really like the center floral fabric. If it were me, I would pair it with the grey trellis-y one to the left. I also think it would be pretty with the lavendar polka dots and some of the solid green. Really, I think they all look good with the floral. Good luck with your windowseat project, and I can't wait to see how it turns out!

  3. I love the cheveron patterns my self (both the gray and black), they'd be lovely with a touch of the lavender polka dot. . .