I tried to dye

In the beginning of the month, I went to a blogging event in NYC and needed some blog business cards. Of course, I waited until the last minute so none could be designed and printed and made all pretty. The night before I had to get my diy on and make my own cards.

In my head, I thought I would want cards with a ombre, honeysuckle color going down the side of the card. Out came the Rit dye and some printable cards from an office store.

The cards came out okay. I could not wait for the dye to cool and dipped the cards when the dye was still warm. The color came out darker than I wanted and the warmer dye made the cards curl at the ends. Lesson learned!

I'm still going to try to dye some fabric this spring/summer. Can't wait! Have you had any luck dyeing stuff?


  1. I like the idea of using dye on business cards. You know I've never ever dyed anything before. Keen to see what you will dye. xx

  2. Oh i think they look awesome!! And im going to Blogfest in NYC, maybe i need cards too? Hmmm....

  3. What a cutie idea for business cards!! So blogger appropriate to DIY them!! :)

    But I have to tell you... the summer after my junior year of college was spent as an unpaid intern in the womens bathroom at the Nicole Miller design studios in NYC, hand dying their tank tops that they sold in their boutiques. I started out using gloves but the dyed water would just pool in them anyway, so off they came and the entire summer was spent with purple hands. (somehow when all the colors combined they still remained purple!) Oh the good ole days! haha But yes, so I have done my fair share of fabric dying... :)

  4. That is a GREAT idea! Good for you! How did you keep them flat?

  5. First of all, a blogging event? That sounds like fun!! Second of all, I've never tried dying anything, but this is a pretty cool idea! I like the ombre effect.

  6. Did you know you can iron paper? Hit your cards with a hot, dry iron and they'll flatten right out!

    Irony alert: my captcha is "ablog."

  7. What lovely comments!

    @Brismod: I see some dyeing in your future!

    @Chassity: I think a few cards would not hurt. I hope you get to visit Jeffrey in NYC ...they have awesome stuff right now.

    @Gina: I love your story. You might win the dye queen award!

    @Holyoke: I ended up putting them under my Kitchen Aid mixer. That sucker is heavy.

    @Amanda: The event was okay. It was to be a mommyblog/styleblog event and it was heavy on the mommy side. But it was a beautiful day in NYC.

    @Clare: Iron! That's why we are friends...because you are super smart! Ablog to you.

  8. Nice! I would never think to do this. I'm hankering to tie dye something. Maybe a shower curtain?