Things that keep me up at night

We are getting closer to finishing the upstairs shoe storage built-in things which means I gotta come up with window treatments (bleh, hate that word), pillows for the bench and sew up a bench cushion (or two).

So...I got fabric and pillows on my brain and I need some input. Below is what we have going on in the bedroom right now.

1. Wall Paint: Poetic Princess (very light icy lavender) from Ace Hardware 2. Bed: Upholstered bed from Ikea in a charcoal (similar to the Floro model, but not really!) 3. Bedding: duvet cover from Ikea in a very light gray 4. Trim work: basic white 5. Ceiling: soft white. Hardware is in stainless.

Any ideas for the question marks? I need some advice for fabric additions with print (maybe some ikat?) and should I stick with shades of gray or add an accent color.

I'm normally not afraid of using color, but in this space I'd like to have it a little more serene and spa like (another term I hate).

Here's an old post with a good idea of what the space is like (hello angled ceilings). You can also see another bench at the end of the bed that still needs to be covered too. I have some Amy Butler fabric for it, but am willing to change it.

Thanks guys! Hugs and Kisses.


  1. I know you said calm and soothing and spa-like, but I think you need a shot of chartreuse. (Can you tell I hung out with Elizabeth this week?) For your little bench and maybe some accent pillows in the window seat by the shoe storage, I saw some gorgeous Trina Turk fabric in Southern Living today.

  2. Um, I thought something was wrong with my computer and the pictures weren't coming up. All 5 of those swatches are some variety or white, with the exception of the charcoal grey. You need some color lady, and some pattern too! I might have some ideas for you...

  3. Clare, I so need to get you over to my hood sometime! My hallway is painted in chartreuse and the family room has a kind of blue/turquoise/green vibe going on. I've also been eyeing that same fabric in the pool color way for pillows! Ha!

    Elizabeth -For sure, I need some pattern upstairs! Make me a fabric board!

  4. For the curtains, I'd do something subtle that pulls in the blues and taupes from your Amy butler fabric. Something lighter that stands out against your charcoal headboard. You could also do some accent pillows for the bed that pick up on the yellow. Your room is going to look great!

  5. I totally see what you're going for- very serene and soothing; a relaxing, yet elegant room to retreat to at the end of the day. I agree, you definitely need some colors and patterns. Go for it- you can always make changes if it doesn't work for you.

    Love your new profile picture. :)