Upstairs bedroom progress

Or should I say "not-so-much" progress...

So here's my list of excuses:
  1. We've been busy with other things.
  2. MDF is such a pain to pick up at the store since you need to find willing parent and time to borrow their truck.
  3. It's really really hot outside which makes the upstairs really hot.
  4. We need a couple hour block of day light to work on the molding.
  5. I need to pick more wall paint for touch-ups. I thought I would be good with left over paint, but I'm really bad a sealing cans. We do have a small sample in a semi-gloss but our walls are painted with a matte.
  6. We are also painting the basement floor.
  7. We like to watch tv.
Most of the molding is up (painted and caulked).

We got the bed upstairs and assembled without ending our 11 year relationship.

The solid wood dresser made it upstairs too.

Of course some of the shoes found a temporary home (more on this later).

Can't wait to wrap this project up and add 300+ square feet of living space to our home.


  1. TV derails my renovations more often than I care to admit...
    And yeah, when its a hundred degrees outside the will to work hard just... doesn't happen.

  2. Ha! At one dark point in our kitchen renovation, I looked at Mr. Man and asked, "are we going to break up over centering the oven on a wall?!"

    We did not, thank goodness.

  3. Whoa, shoes! I've been having a hard time managing the seven combined pairs of shoes we on in our 400 sq ft living space. I get pissed that MysteryMan has size fourteens - where in the heck am I supposed to store them, a ski rack?! DIY together is so much fun. Can't wait to see the finished room.

  4. Love the shoes. We fight with every project. I think it is part of the process.