On Sunday, we (well, I tried first and failed) installed purty doorknobs on our dutch door that leads to the upstairs.

The knobs are from Anthro, the mortise guts are from a big box store, and the key hole cover thing was original to the door. The key hole plate was covered in tons of paint which I removed last year by using this technique.

With the new hardware, the door is now screaming to be repainted. Hopefully I can get to it this week!

Now that the snow is melting and it is a little less dangerous to bring the table saw into the back yard to cut wood, we are making some more progress on our upstairs built-ins ... I should have some updates by the end of the week! Yippie!



  1. YES! The MELON knob...love it! I've had my eye on the mini ones in white.

    I have to admit, the inner workings of doorknobs and their replacement parts are a mystery to me.